Our History

Since 1900 a story that smells of art and that has in Mesciu Nzinu, Mr. Vincenzo Perrotta, his master, has been told. It is told that he managed to work wood with inventiveness and extraordinary talent, so he made the first luminarie with oil and then with carbide, the first to be installed in the squares of Salento in celebration. Then Teobaldo and Antonio, later Carlo and then again Antonio fused ancient tradition and modern technologies in the creation of luminarie. History, innovation, design make the street a colorful entertainment. Since 1900 there has been no stopping: always looking for new forms of lighting for increasingly ambitious projects. So municipalities, shopping centers, weddings, public and private events, festivals, today, are enhanced with sparkling colors of the luminarie.
Expertise, fantasy and the love for this ancient art, which winks at modernity, have been made luminarie an architectural project of light to be admired head on up. For three generations the Perrotta family has been experimenting with shapes, colours and new technologies to offer a work with unique know-how for passion and professionalism. The Perrotta family is now a family of designers: making luminarie means designing them, projecting them, being their electricians. They invent new forms for yourself, they build them on a wooden frame, they assemble and disassemble them. The final result is an unique succession of shapes and colors on wooden surfaces that have been dosed with elegance, skill and style.

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