How we work

Every single project has its own creative and development path but everyone welcomes the needs of each client, the same ones that are soon translated into a photorealistic rendering of the finished project, for the customer’ imagination to be replaced by a faithful projection of the show through light installations.

After that, the project is transposed into a drawing on paper, which will find its reproduction on wood.
Then its frame will be brushed with colors and fixed with the electric system that will feed thousands of small coloured flashing lights.
In the hollow of a strong and worthy of being respected and remembered tradition, our constant search for new shapes and designs embraced evolution and technology, with led and light shows introduction, in compliance with processes that want to be eco-friendly today.

The final result is an avant-garde, new, original project that makes modernity and tradition aware playmates in a product that makes light its beginning and its end.
Fundamental is the total collaboration with the customer, step by step to the best final product: from the study to the proposal, from the installation to the continuous assistance during the whole period, until disassembly and restoration of existing structures; with a view to full customer satisfaction.