Luminaria artistic light “Noha” 55×30 cm

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Noha: tabletop furnishing luminaria. It consists of 16 cool white LED lamps arranged on a half rosette.

Electric potential:

  • 220v: recommended for indoor and outdoor use for installations such as applications and chandeliers;
  • 12v: recommended for indoor use only, for greater safety when the power sockets are within reach of children and for installations such as table lamps.


  • plug for direct power supply to electrical socket;
  • plug + on/off switch: indoor switch, not suitable for exposure to bad weather.

Custom Lamps:

if you want to customize the color of the lamps, please select the yes option. Once the order has been received and processed, you will be contacted by telephone to specify your preferences on the color of the lamps.

Additional information

Electric potential

12 v, 220 v


4 W



Power supply

plug, plug + on/off switch


30 cm


55 cm


55×30 cm