What we do

Luminarie are lighting objects, artistic lights. Tradition tells us that the lights were born to illuminate dark and scary nights.
The meaning was twofold: on one side, they wanted to make the various contexts warmer and more welcoming, forgetting for a moment the rigors of winter; on the other side, Light was the essence of God, the first element created by Him.
So luminarie were born with the will to welcome light into their own home but also to project it outside, so that everyone could look at it and enjoy it, on magical and full of joy nights.
Today these artistic lights make the decorations of the celebrations in square richer and give a greater sense of joy and happiness to the context of the festival itself; a prerogative of the patronal feasts in South of Italy.

Patron celebrations

In the patron celebrations we choose to represent the exceptional nature of the choice. It gives us much satisfaction the close collaboration with committees organizers of the patronal holidays, a fervent synergy that sees us all committed to giving the best light show in which to frame the religious ritual and folklore, to the faithful and laity ones too.


Thus, even the public administrations, that give Christmas and any other event warmth, humanity and festive atmosphere, setting up their streets of sparkling theme lights, find in our company a professional and careful partner.

Shopping centers

It’s an evening dress, with a long bright tail, that the Perrotta family gives to shopping centers at certain times of the year. Imposing circumstances in tradition such as Valentine’s Day, Carnival, Christmas find, in the setting of the gallery with luminarie or artistic bright structures, pleasure, play, mobility and sharing, for customer’s entertainment. Unique projects for dozens of galleries throughout Italy.

Private Events

Every important step of life deserves the right memory: enrich these moments with characteristics and scenographic artistic lights – a magical frame of light, emotions and joy – will make them indelible in the protagonist’ memory. The party is a perfect picture if it shines with the right light: light circuits with their sinuous and shining movements will produce increasingly complex effects, with fades and crossings of effects.